Welcome to the sweet world of The Hive, a unique hexagonal grid video slot by Betsoft. Kick off your summer with a fun cast of bee characters, each with their unique twist on the gameplay that will create fun and memorable playing sessions. Discover all the features and enjoy a buzzingly awesome free spins mode while you fly to the riches.

There’s a lot to discover in The Hive, including exciting spreading wilds that will spread from honeycomb to honeycomb during the free spins round. There is plenty to be happy about during the base game as well, as random bees can appear around any of the 18 spots in the grid of the game. During every spin, the bees move clockwise around the grid, potentially activating special bees for super fun!

Fill up the HONEY METER to trigger the sticky sweet free spins that can start with up to 3 WILDS, potentially giving you big, satisfying wins. See what all the buzz is about, get ready to enjoy THE HIVE!


Game On Players X The Hive

The Hive

Features a 3-4-5-4-3 layout to create a unique playing experience

Game On Players X The Hive

Discover 3 Types Of Different Bees

The QUEEN BEE will summon a rush of other bees, the DRONE BEE will fill up your honey meter to trigger the FREE SPINS by 1 level, the WORKER BEES apply their multiplier to winning paylines aligned with their positions.

Game On Players X The Hive

The Sticky Sweet Free Spins Meter

Fills up with every DRONE BEE that appears, with each bee increasing the honey meter by a single level. You get 5 sweet free spins with up to 3 initial spreading wilds that move along the grid.