Even in entertainment, there should be moderation. While Game On Players provide affiliates and players the ultimate igaming experience, we prioritize the welfare of our customers above all. In some instances, there are people who lose sight of the essence of entertainment which can lead to addiction.

Problem Gambling and Its Symptoms

By definition, problem gambling happens when you cannot control the urge to gamble continuously despite the occurrence of negative consequences. It is otherwise termed as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling or gambling disorder.

The whole team of Game On Players wants to promote responsible gaming to its partner affiliates and players. Prevention and early treatment help stop its progression towards addiction. Here is a list of the common symptoms that can help identify if a person is developing or already developed a gambling problem:

  • Your thoughts are often occupied with your gambling endeavors.
  • There is an intense need to bet more money than usual.
  • You become restless or easily gets irritated when you attempt to stop gambling.
  • You constantly “chase losses” despite negative consequences such as financial ruin.
  • Find some time which will keep you busy and enjoy yourself which has nothing to do with gambling.
  • If you are longing to gamble, you may try postponing it for a day or two as there might be a possibility that your urge to do so may pass.
  • Look for something that will help you out of boredom, such as doing what you’re passionate about.
  • Get connected with your trusted family member member when the urge to gamble arises.
  • Avoid any situations that will trigger your urge to gamble.


If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, you may contact the National Council on Problem Gambling to help you address your problems.

Call 1-800-522-4700

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