Get set to leap into the blazing fray of high fantasy with FIRE & STEEL. This uniquely crafted 3-4-5-4-3 diamond format video slot features a theme that highlights the epic battle of good vs. evil.

With a uniquely crafted WILD WARRIORS feature, get caught up in the action as the Swordsman and Shieldmaiden let out their Ancestral cries, creating Blazing Wilds to magnify your wins. Watch as the Warriors beams cross, unleashing their combined fury in the WAR OF THE WILDS free spins mode, with chance for retrigger!

FIRE & STEEL proudly brandishes its banners through the strength of Betsoft’s Shift™ platform, which uses the power of HTML5 technology creating smoother, high definition animations across multiple platforms with drastically reduced file sizes, while keeping our industry renowned 3D style. At a mere 19.9mb total load, this game provides your players with a deep and rich experience, both graphically and functionally.


Game On Players X FIRE & STEEL

Shieldmaiden & Swordsman

When the SHIELDMAIDEN or SWORDSMAN symbols appear on the reels, they will unleash their ancestral cries and fire off a beam of blazing power. The Shieldmaiden’s beam travels horizontally across the reels, either to the left or right, and the Swordsman’s beam travels vertically, either up or down. Each symbol hit by one of these beams turns WILD, magnifying your wins!

Game On Players X FIRE & STEEL

War of the Wilds

If the Swordsman and Shieldmaiden symbols both appear on the reels at the same time and their beams intersect, the WAR OF THE WILDS feature will begin! The feature immediately awards 10 free spins and the place where the two beams intersect becomes a sticky wild for the duration of the feature! During the WAR OF THE WILDS feature, additional free spins and clingy wilds can be earned as the Shieldmaiden and Swordsman symbols appear more frequently!

Game On Players X FIRE & STEEL

3-4-5-4-3 Reel Layout

FIre & Steel features a novel 3-4-5-4-3 layout, where the reels get more symbols as they proceed towards the center. This layout allows for great excitement and huge wins, especially as the paylines pay both left to right and right to left!